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    We are pleased to announce Leebo Jump Seasons - Halloween Edition

    On The iTunes App Store - Search for "Leebo Jump Seasons"

    Jump game with seasonal Halloween Theme (then planned Christmas theme etc and regular inclusive updates)

    Leebo the fish dreams of high things, up in the sky where the birds fly. Help him achieve his high dream - but can he manage it in a spooky Halloween setting?

    Guide him by gently tilting your iPhone (iPod or iPad) from side to side, Leebo just keeps jumping.

    Jump on platforms ever higher and higher, sometimes they move, sometime they may break, but watch out for hazards along the way like vortices and aliens.

    Power up items like bubble rides, rockets, star power and turbo bounce mushrooms along the way can help you. Collect coins to unlock more features and even change character.

    Who is Leebo:
    When our son Thomas was 18 months old, my wife and I took him to visit a large aquarium. After enjoying an afternoon gazing at many fish, we passed through the merchandising shop on our way out, where he spotted a cuddly fish. Thomas fell in love with it immediately. Thomas named the fish 'Leebo' (pronounced lee-boh).

    Leebo features in many of his bed time stories, and art.

    Thomas asked for an applet for his iPod Touch which features some adventures of Leebo, and set about describing what Leebo should do, and where he should go.

    This is Leebo's first adventure, but now moving into spooky Halloween, Thomas hopes you will enjoy it. Thank you for looking at his game.
    10-22-2011 02:31 AM

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