1. LunarMoon's Avatar
    TimeIsMoney Alarm Clock FREE

    Your wallet will wake you up in the morning.

    If TimeISmoney Alarm Clock cannot make you wake up, no other alarm clock can.

    Tired of losing your appointments in the morning because you fail to wakeup with a regular alarm clock? TimeISmoney is for you!

    ▶ YOUR WALLET WILL WAKE YOU UP - You purchase and set an alarm for a certain amount depending on the importance of the event you have to wake up in the morning;

    ▶ YOU FAIL, YOU LOSE - When the alarm fires, you have to type a code, that can vary in complexity*, to disable it. Fail to disable and you lose the alarm;

    ▶ Two levels of difficult to disable the alarms... to force your brain to wake up;

    ▶ * I'M LUCKY feature If your brain counts time and you always wake up minutes before the alarm fires, turn this feature on and the alarm will fire on a random interval within the adjusted time. Great to create a feeling of freedom from the clock and wake up at slightly random times each day.

    ▶ YOU SNOOZE, YOU LOSE - TimeISmoney has no Snooze function. Letting you snooze would increase the chances to make you lose your appointment and we don't want that.

    ▶ You can program alarms to fire:
    ▷just mondays thru fridays
    ▷just saturdays and sundays
    ▷every day
    ▷a specific day of week

    ▶ All alarms are repetitive;
    ▶ You can have up to 64 programmed alarms (limit imposed by iOS);
    ▶ Works on 12 and 24h formats (Gregorian Calendar);

    Stop losing your appointments and get the TimeISmoney alarm clock right now!

    Grab TimeIsMoney for free clicking here

    * to make your brain think and wake up

    10-21-2011 09:13 AM
  2. StaticFX's Avatar
    ???? what? this doesnt make sense... you have to PAY (who?) if you dont turn the alarm off?
    10-21-2011 10:51 AM
  3. LunarMoon's Avatar
    It is to create adrenaline and this will create incentive enough for you to wake up and disarm the alarm. if you disarm it, you will never lose the alarm.
    10-21-2011 11:05 AM