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    Developer Info:
    This project started during the end of my summer break from UC Riverside in early August, and I'm proud to have already submitted to Apple with a target release date towards the end of October.

    If you care a bit about who I am, and who I worked with to get this done, it turns out we're all college students! I was a college dropout, and car salesman for 8 years before returning to school just a year ago. My partners on the project are a brother/sister duo also both college students in Puerto Rico. She is an artist just finishing her BFA, and he is a little bit artist, and little bit engineer. Both helped change the style and art of the game multiple times before we finally decided on our current theme. I love the artwork and I hope you do too.

    Game Description:

    Bounce, roll, slide and swing while saving every Foozle you can!💩

    A single touch will change the shape of a Foozle letting you solve interesting and complex puzzles.💩
    The controls are simple, the challenge is not.💩

    ✔A physics puzzler with charm💩
    ✔Immersive graphics environment💩
    ✔75 levels in 3 unique worlds💩
    ✔You'll want to save just 1 more Foozle💩
    ✔Play it again and again, fewer taps means a better reward💩

    The Foozles aren't alone! You'll need to make use of rocks, bombs, bubbles and special platforms to help the cute yellow Foozles outsmart the mean red Foozles and foil their attacks.

    **Developed by a team of college students**💩
    **Support the indie developer!**💩

    In Foozle, you'll be tasked with tapping the Foozles to change their shape between square and circle. As their shapes change, they'll roll and slide as they interact with the environment. Normally, the cute and cuddly Foozles might be seen giving and receiving hugs, but all is not well in the land of Foozles. The red Foozles have rebelled, and rather than being cute and cuddly, they've become cunning and mean! In every level, you'll need to get the red Foozles off the screen while saving every yellow Foozle you encounter.💩

    If you end up getting stuck, tips have been included in every level to keep you moving along.💩

    Think you've beaten the game? Think again! Head back to get a gold trophy in every level, then keep your eye out for updates and new levels.💩

    A special thanks to:💩
    Ricardo Quesada of Cocos2D-iPhone💩
    Erin Catto of box2D

    Available soon in the app store for just $.99!
    Follow us on Facebook at Facebook.com/Foozle

    Win a free copy!
    Well, the game isn't available on the app store yet, but it will be soon for just $.99. If you follow Foozle on FaceBook at FaceBook.com/Foozle you'll have a chance to win a free copy. As we head towards the release date I'll begin to post promo codes directly to the fan page, and may even pick a few lucky winners to have a code sent directly to them!
    10-19-2011 09:41 PM