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    Seoul, Korea, October 19, 2011--- WeMade Entertainment (WeMade) today launched major updates to the hard-hitting and hugely popular iOS series, Heavy MACH. The current update focuses on user requests, such as improved game play and more in-game items for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad games. These changes include the ability to buy items such as extra lives, Mech boosts lasting up to 30 days, and more. Game play additions include more flexibility in Mech builds, improved load times, and other small improvements alongside bonuses for those who play both Assault and Battle. With over 3.5 million active gamers worldwide, Heavy MACH is proving again why it is one of the most successful iOS games to be released out of South Korea, and will continue to do so when the third game in the series, Heavy MACH: Defense launches later this Fall.

    Heavy MACH: Assault (formerly known as Heavy MACH 1) begins the journey, and may be the most known Korean mobile game in the world! Early adopters of the new updated version will automatically receive a Life+60 bonus as a thank you for their purchase. In Heavy MACH: Assault players take control of a giant combat machine known as a "MACH", where players can battle against more than 800 types of enemies, all the while tinkering with and upgrading their high-tech machine to become increasingly effective!

    Heavy MACH: Assault shows the start of the series with a promising shine buffed to a perfect sparkle with the new balancing included in this update. Added to the new shop is a Life 20-pack for $0.99, giving players an extra 20 lives to take on harder challenges.

    Heavy MACH: Battle(previously named Heavy MACH 2) continues the story of the pilots who control giant combat machines nicknamed the terrifying "MACH". Early adopters will automatically receive 150 Cells as a thank you for their previous purchase. A dynamic touch-action RPG, the newly added android system will lead players to the most challenging virtual battles to date.

    Enhanced features will allow players a greater amount of control that will get their fingers tapping a whole new rhythm. The newly minted cash shop will be selling "Cells" in 50, 100, and 200 packs, which are then used to purchase important game items including 10- and 30-day boosts, alongside revival kits of up to 100 lives.
    10-19-2011 02:42 PM