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    I hope i'm not giving too much details but I want to ensure that I make the right decision. I've tried to break up this Post so that others can skip to the area that interests them (and hopefully help me )

    I have multiple needs and I have been trying to find a fit to see what would work best and I really need help here please. I don't mind buying an App etc but I dont' want to buy programs that will not work.

    I'm going to put needs and information in groups to make it easier to give me advice hopfully so as to ensure I'm giving enough info so as to allow others to give me the best advice

    Devices: iPhone 4 , iPad & Notebook PC

    Operating Systems:
    iPhone 4: currently 4.3.3 & Jailbroken, when IOS 5 can be jailbroken w/o teather i'll upgrade
    iPad (not iPad2): Currently 3.2.1 & Jailbroken (I need to upgrade ios but I haven't till I know this)
    Notebook PC: Windows 7-64bit, Microsoft Office 2010 I use outlook almost 2200 contacts

    Problems: I have bad ADD so i'm easily distracted, and might forget to do something till its way past due

    I need a few different things that may or may not be able to be covered in one app.

    1. Toto list, needs to be somethign easy to add items to or edit esp with my ADD
    2. Ability to have an assistant, wife etc. remotely edit this list i.e. via the web
    3. Needs to sync with my PC, iPad & Iphone
    4. it would be great if it could also sync to an assistants device / pc
    5. Multiple lists would be great too i.e. I can track my assistants list and add to or edit them
    6. Project Managemnt if I could put a project and tasks, and their status etc
    7. tasks with alerts / time lines etc.
    8. tasks that have specific dates to be accomplished
    9. ability to move a task to another day if It can't be done.

    10. sales Lead tracking would be great to ensure that I don't miss a good sale / prospect

    11. Current customer tracking - reminders of things I need to do

    I know there is more but I would like to actually get a program before i make it too hard to be done

    Thanks for everyones help.
    10-19-2011 11:02 AM