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    The Middleware Network Solution Enables Developers To Connect Smartphone, Tablet And Browser Platforms Into One Real-Time Environment; Now Accepting Registrations For Its Upcoming Beta

    Digital Harmony Games, a new interactive entertainment developer of social, casual games and developer of B2B real-time cross-platform connective technology, today announced it has launched the registration for the beta for its cross-platform technology development engine, Harmony Tech. Harmony Tech is a patent-pending middleware network solution that enables any and all developers to connect all smartphone, tablet, and browser platforms into the same environment in a cloud-based network architecture. Developers of all sizes and interested industry personnel can visit the freshly launched Digital Harmony site at DigitalHarmonyGames (dot) com for more information and to sign up for the beta test.

    “The game industry today offers plenty of high-quality development engines to choose from but unfortunately, there is no technology that enables real time, multiplayer capabilities across all smartphone, tablet, and browser platforms,” said Jeff Lujan, CEO of Digital Harmony Games. “Social games are the new buzz word in the industry, but it’s limited to device specific social play. An iPhone user can only play in real time with another iPhone user but we don’t feel that is true social connectivity. That’s just online play with social features, stuck in its own device!”

    The mobile, tablet, browser space (gaming or otherwise) is headed in the cross-platform connective era. Today this is available in a limited, turn-based capacity reliant on a user waiting for another user to respond. In this way, the turn-based connectivity restricts socializing to a ‘wait-for-a-reply’ type of experience. However, that’s still not social. That is essentially a text message!

    “Digital Harmony’s patent-pending Harmony Tech paired with our cross-platform designed games, is set to revolutionize the social games space while adding value to, not only games, but all industries that utilize mobile, browser, and tablet devices,” Lujan continued. “We’re very excited to see what other developers can create with our cross-platform connective technology.”

    The Harmony Tech Beta will begin later this year.
    10-18-2011 11:43 AM