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    The best way to while away some lonely time is by playing games on your iPhone. If the game is excellent, you might even want to keep playing the game every now and then. Itís the game play which can drag you towards the game often. Here is one such game with a very simple yet addictive game play. Apple life i is here to keep you glued to your iPhone. The game objective is to create a horizontal or vertical chain of three or more apples by swapping them. You line up three same coloured Apples in a row and the apples burst to give you points. If you line up more than three Apples you get bonus points too. Unlike Bejeweled.

    The game visualisation and graphics are just amazing to look at and itís a visual treat to keep looking at. The game also has surprises to offer. There are rainbow apples which act as joker and help you in case of any difficulty. This game is an endless game and keeps quenching your boredom.
    Have you been longing to try out and play an addictive puzzle game? You might like this one. Stop meddling with those same old action games or physics games which can fire up your boredom. The game has three modes. The bonus modes are Basket group, basket and Apple bomb. The first look at the game might be deceiving as you think scoring is very easy. This addictive game can keep you hooked up to you iPhone any time.
    10-18-2011 08:22 AM