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    iTunes App Link: sorry, since i am new here, I am not allow to post a link at prsent, please search Aqua Ball Lines in apple store, sorry
    Post Here to get code for free!!

    Aqua Ball Lines is a classic and addictive board game. The rule is simple, but get high scores isn't simple.

    Rules and Tips: The goal is to pop as many as bubbles by moving the bubbles of the same color to form horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines of 5 or more. Try to get higher points before the board is fully filled. The bubble can remove more than one space, please make sure no other bubbles blocks on the way. One more bubbles will eject at the same time, and the color is random!!!

    New v1.2 just released, game center supported, will you be the end winner?

    ps, not allow to post a image due to the priviledge as well.
    10-17-2011 10:38 PM