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    UK games company Appshen presents Professional Darts Championship, the most realistic darts app on the market.

    With more than 10 million people playing darts on a competitive basis and many millions more playing on a more recreational and social level, darts is without doubt one of the most popular sports on the planet. This is a fact reflected in the popularity of darts games as entertainment on mobile gaming platforms.

    Appshen's Professional Darts Championship takes all the fun, competitive and social elements of darts and puts them in a 5-star rated application.

    Professional Darts Championship is easy to pick up, but hard to master. Appshen's unique physics engine has developed a simple but realistic swipe mechanic to throw the darts, allowing players to develop their skills over a period of time.

    Appshen's developers worked closely with the darts community to create a level of realism unseen on mobile phone apps before. Realistic darts sound effects are complimented by the authentic sights and sounds of a professional darts tournament, including full audio commentary, crowd noise and a big arena soundtrack.

    The crucial social element of darts on Professional Darts Championship is made possible by utilising Apple's Games Center technology allowing players to play darts matches against fellow darts fans around the world. Players can also challenge friends and family via pass and play on the same device.

    Professional Darts Championship includes sophisticated AI technology to provide 16 virtual players of varying skill levels to play against in tournament or challenge modes. In career mode your player can unlock achievements, collect trophies and track their progress on a world leaderboard, giving Professional Darts Championship an impressive range of longevity.

    Appshen's stable of games creators includes senior talent snapped up from some of the industry's biggest AAA games developers.

    Appshen is a wholly owned brand of Moshen Limited, a next generation technology company working across the full spectrum of mobile, social and web-based platforms.
    10-17-2011 10:44 AM