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    'Daily Expenses' app exports your daily expenses data into spreadsheet program via email. It is a personal expenses tracking application that allows you to manage your expenses while on the go.

    * Exports your daily expenses data into spreadsheet program via email.
    * Secure your private data with Passcode Protection.
    * Track spending for multiple payment types/accounts (Cash,Visa Card,Master Card, Saving, Checking, and user customizable payment types/accounts).
    * Summary reports based on categories and months.
    * Specific dates selection for summary report.
    * List all the monthly summary reports in one page for easier month to month expenses comparison.
    * Customizable categories (Add New/Edit/Delete Categories).
    * Summary with pie chart and percentage.
    * Customizable color themes.
    * Added Item Photo and Receipt Photo as proof of expense, with ability to export to Photos Album.
    * Simple and intuitive interface.
    * Quickly enter transactions.
    * Shows all expenses with monthly subtotal in one page view.
    * 66 types of currency symbol for selection.
    * Supports iOS4.2.1 and above and the latest iOS5.0

    (Simply type Daily Expenses in the itunes, it is the first app on the search result.)
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    10-16-2011 09:22 PM