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  1. CaitlinBrooke's Avatar
    It's probably my favorite game at the moment. What other games would you recommend/ what's your favorite?
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    10-15-2011 01:04 PM
  2. seasonw's Avatar
    i love jetpack joyride too...
    10-22-2011 12:06 AM
  3. joteykj's Avatar
    Check this out:
    10-26-2011 01:27 AM
  4. Michelle Haag's Avatar
    I love this game... I've beat it so many times I lost count, but that's fine since it starts over with new missions.
    03-06-2012 07:25 PM
  5. leharris22's Avatar
    It's a great game. Fun to just pick up when you have a couple minutes.
    03-07-2012 06:25 AM
  6. niceeric22's Avatar
    my fav game! finish it and restart all over again now.. = )
    03-14-2012 10:48 PM
  7. G323q569's Avatar
    I love it but there are two Achievements that I can't seem to get - the one where you have to get the Profit bird twice in one game, and the distance one.
    03-16-2012 05:40 AM
  8. Octo Pop's Avatar
    What do you have to do to unlock the two tee hee achievement??
    03-16-2012 08:59 PM
  9. zenduo's Avatar
    Love jetpack joyride. Must be played on the iPad though!

    Checkout Getaway
    03-17-2012 03:56 AM
  10. patrice-'s Avatar
    I have just voted for Jetpack Joyride as the best endless running game on my best iapps: Best endless running game on iPhone and iPad
    Vote for it too !
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    05-03-2012 11:33 AM
  11. gello87's Avatar
    I think I'll give it a try
    05-10-2012 01:55 AM