1. sfvisionary's Avatar
    Since updating to IOS 5 I can no longer use my mission critical printing apps like Print n Share.
    I contacted EuroSmartz excellent support team and received the following response:

    "Apple's latest release of iOS 5 has changed the way apps are able to interact with the device. This now means that the one of the printing features in this app for printing from other apps via the AirPrint method is no longer available. Apple's changes for iOS have removed this functionality for all apps - not just ours. All other printing options from other apps via this app are still available.

    iOS Apps are restricted by features of the OS and the device so there is no option to bypass the iOS restrictions. We are working with Apple resources to see if there is a way to restore this particular feature in future releases."

    Why has Apple done this? Does anyone know of any workarounds?
    10-14-2011 01:31 PM