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    We are pleased to announce our upcoming game, Turtle World, which will be released on October 25th.

    You can visit our development blog: - Making delicious games.

    Turtle World is an action-packed physics-based survival game for kids and grownups with stunning visuals and super cute characters.

    Use Frank's signature move , shell throwing, to hit enemies around the playfield. Collect PowerSnails to unlock new abilities for Frank, turning his shell into a fireball, bombs, a poisonous cloud, a homing missile and more!
    Have Frank eat his favorite food, lettuces, to unleash his inner powers and give his enemies what they deserve.
    Be careful with each world's hazards like falling rocks, icy grounds and spikes!

    I would like to show you some gameplay screenshots:

    -Physics-based arcade action.
    -Engaging gameplay, easy to play, hard to master.
    -Action-packed fun for kids and grown-ups.
    -Universal version. Play it on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad!
    -Game Center: 5 leaderboards & 30+ achievements!
    -High quality Retina Display Graphics.
    -5 Fully interactive worlds, 8 powerups and more to come!

    Trailer coming soon!

    I hope you like it, we'll have more news as soon as it is approved!


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    looks very nice, waiting for the trailer
    10-21-2011 05:50 PM