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    Is anyone else out there really frustrated with Dataviz support? If it wasn't for their products, which have features I can't find elsewhere, I'd dump them in a New York minute! My history with them goes way back, all the way to Palm OS in the early 2000s.'

    In my latest frustrating interaction with Dataviz support, I had a problem synchronizing with Google docs. One of my google accounts worked fine, but the other one kept failing. So I played the silly game on the Dataviz support site, where you have to troll their useless Knowledge Base until it allows you to submit an issue. Finally, I submitted an issue, and the first response was ďif you're using 3G, please switch to wifi, or if you're using wifi, please switch to 3G.Ē Sounded like a stall to me, just to meet some response SLA* When that didnít work, the next request was to delete the account and re-add it. Of course, that didnít work either. Sounded to me like grasping at straws.

    Finally, I did what I should have done in the first place, I googled the error message, and discovered the Dataviz support forum. While I didnít find the direct answer to my problem, it gave me a clue that lead to a resolution.

    So I wanted to post my experience for otherís benefit. That lead to even more frustration with Dataviz support. They have locked their forums, going to ďone-on-oneĒ e-mail support. So users canít help each other with their problems, they have to depend on their useless support techs for help! And they say, ď90% of your issues will be found in our knowledge baseÖĒ Thatís baloney. As I said, I go back many years with Dataviz, and Iíve found answers to my problems in their knowledgebase maybe 10% of the time.

    Anyone else have similar experiences with Dataviz support?

    *SLA Ė Service Level Agreement. We will respond within x period of time.
    10-13-2011 12:36 PM