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    So... I know I have a problem. Haha jk, I've actually collected the games over the years (since 2nd or 3rd Gen iPod Touch) a lot of them I've gotten either for free or when they were on sale, but seriously I do have a problem trying to organize them. The reason why I haven't organized them is that the iPod touchs' that I did have either were broken or stolen and haven't had an iDevice since about 6-7 months after the release of the 4th Gen model.

    So I'm trying to organize/reorganize them and I need your help. I know of a few that can already by categorized together (Tiger Woods PGA 12 with Real Tennis 2009 and NFL by EA) but there are a few I'm looking at that I'm not sure how I could categorize them. I know this is a real hassle but I appreciate any help that I can get. Also I do plan on deleting some games (based on how often I play it, ratings, if I ever liked it, etc.) but I'd like to organize them first.

    A1 Abca
    A2 Aerox
    A3 Aftermath
    A4 Air Taptics
    A5 Alchemy
    A6 Alive 4-ever
    A7 Angry Birds
    A8 Angry Birds Season
    A9 Archetype
    A10 Army Wars Defense
    A11 Asphalt 6: Adrenaline
    A12 Assault Soldiers Free
    A13 Awesome Solitaire
    A14 Azkend
    B1 Backbreaker Football
    B2 Backgammon Deluxe
    B4 Battleheart
    B5 Berzerk Ball
    B6 Besieged
    B7 Blackjack 21
    B8 Blacjack Teacher +HD
    B9 Blades of Fury
    B10 Bonnie's Brunch
    B11 Bonsai Blast
    B12 BOP:Blackjack of Probablity
    B13 Boxhead - The Zombie Wars
    B14 Brothers in Arms Hour of Heroes
    B15 Brutal Fantasy - The Orcs of Undermountain
    B16 Bungee Ball 3
    B17 Burger Queen
    C1 Caligo Chaser
    C2 Cananbalt
    C3 Card Ace: Casino
    C4 CAUSE OF DEATH: Can You Catch The Killer?
    C5 Chess Knight
    C6 Chronicles of Inotia: Legend of Feanor
    C7 circuit_strike.one
    C8 CLUE
    C9 Combat Fighter
    C10 Cooking Star
    C11 Cops & Robbers
    C12 Crazy Cubes
    C13 Crimson Gem Saga
    C14 Crystal Soul
    C15 Cube Runner
    C16 Cubes vs. Spheres
    C17 Cut the Rope
    C18 Cyber Defense
    D1 Dark Nebula - Episode One
    D2 Dawn of the Dead
    D3 Death Rally
    D4 Diner Dash Full
    D5 Dirt Moto Racing
    D6 Doodle Devil
    D7 Doodle God
    D8 Doug Brown
    D9 Draw Slasher: The Quest
    D10 Driver
    D11 Dropship
    10-12-2011 09:27 PM