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    The latest puzzle+strategy game from Gameshastra exclusively on iPad.

    The Blue Atoms desperately need their Blue charge to get their Atomic Status back, but the evil Yellow atoms won't let them. Use the unique rotational power of the Blue Atoms to move around their ring, so that they can capture the blue charge, or till all the Yellow Atoms are shooed away. But beware! each rotation will scare away the Blue Atoms with a lesser power, so choose carefully!

    Ion Seeker features unique game mechanics with a challenging game play. Play 120 levels in this brain teaser with logic, skill and the wits to get rid of the Yellow Atoms!

    Like sweeping mines? Find Sudoku awesome? Love games where you rearrange gems? Then you MUST try “Ion Seeker”! Use your gray matter to capture the ever elusive Blue Charge in this extremely addictive puzzle game!

    - Unique game mechanics
    - Challenging Gameplay

    Kindly let me know if anyone needs free promo codes.
    10-12-2011 05:16 AM