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    At last an easy to use construction estimating app. available for iphone/ipad and Android phones/tablets. A complete estimating program that fits in you phone. The main menu of construction Estimator shows 11 functions to choose from. Construction Estimator does not have a set beginning point, you can start with any function. Each function has inputs that relate to the area to be calculated. After inputting the measurements press the calculate button. This will calculate and display the cost and the materials. These totals are remembered and saved in memory. Totals are also displayed in the totals form. After completing a function you can press the EXIT button. This will return you to the main menu. Estimator also includes a built in calculator.

    Construction Estimator for iphone and ipad $1.99 on iTunes

    Construction Estimator is located in productivity
    10-11-2011 07:58 PM