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    GlutenLessDining.com, by The Sisters Hamilton LP, is pleased to announce the release of its first iPhone app, GlutenLess Dining.

    DALLAS, Texas 10/7/2011 – GlutenLessDining.com announced that its first gluten free lifestyle app is now available for sale in the Apple App Store. The GlutenLess Dining App lists over 3,200 gluten free menu items offered by more than 150 top U.S. restaurant chains. The launch of this app comes at a time when the number of people diagnosed each year with celiac disease, gluten intolerance and autism is on the rise – all disorders and diseases in which symptoms are improved with a gluten free diet.

    Susan and Cate, of The Sisters Hamilton LP, discovered they were sensitive to gluten both at the age of 25. They banded together, sending each other exciting texts, e-mails and instant messages about newly discovered gluten free friendly restaurants and foods. Soon, they decided to consolidate their notes and information into a handy iPhone app to share with the gluten free community.

    Those diagnosed with gluten sensitivity are often thrust into a new world of checking labels, calling manufacturers and asking a multitude of questions about how food items are prepared. Slipping up and eating food that contains the gluten protein in even small amounts can result in any number of painful symptoms. Eating out can be one of the most treacherous and worrisome parts of living a gluten free life.

    Citing only verified gluten free menu items the GlutenLess Dining App is easy-to-use and understand. Having a list of foods that are safe to eat at one’s finger tips will help millions of Americans nationwide follow a gluten free diet even while dining out.

    “While we focus on the restaurants that do offer gluten free options, we also identify restaurants like Panda Express that simply do not have menu items that are safe for the gluten sensitive population to eat. You can easily see, flipping through the app that any restaurant listed in red does not cater to gluten intolerance,” explains Susan.

    The GlutenLess Dining App also features a stamp of approval on some of the sisters’ favorite places to eat that have a record of being gluten free friendly. “We really wanted to recognize the restaurants that have made eating out easy and worry-free for us over the past few years,” says Cate, the youngest of the The Sisters Hamilton.

    Additional features and functionality users can expect from the GlutenLess Dining App: a “tips” section that states whether or not the restaurant offers a specific gluten free menu, special instructions notification on meal items that require special preparation steps, a convenient count of all gluten free meal options by restaurant, restaurant search functionality and an internal restaurant locator. The user can also sort restaurants by price, cuisine type, restaurant type and meal type.

    “This is app going to be an amazing resource for us in the gluten sensitive population,” says Cate. With triple the amount of restaurants than the competition offers and clear, concise menu item information it will make eating at top chain restaurants easy and communicating with servers stress-free.

    Those interested in learning more about The Sisters, their mission, and the GlutenLess Dining App can visit glutenlessdining.com
    10-09-2011 01:46 PM