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    Voice Secretary is featured on home page of "What's hot" on China App Store.

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    Voice Secretary give you the power to make reminders for your unique schedule by simply speaking your Todos. Plus, forget boring default text message! With Voice Secretary, you use your own voice to record reminders, saving you time from typing and customizing your own alerts.

    ★ Featured on Home page in the "Staff Favourites" and "What's hot" of the China App Store.
    ★ Featured in the What's Hot section of the United Status, Japan, Canada, Russia,Hong Kong, Tai Wan, China Business App Store
    ★ Support English, 简体中文, 繁體中文, 日本語, Deutsch, Franaise, 한국의.
    ★ Reviewed by iphoneappreview.com, appbank.com,

    Voice Secretary helps you a lot to saving your time, Just turn on the program, tell her your ToDo and set the time and date. Everything is so easy. The easy and quick setting is as if you are speaking your personal secretary. Everything is set and ready even if the app is closed -just as effective as a personal assistant but a lot cheaper.

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    ★★★★★Not an organize person By Hehe znsjdnshs
    This application is God send for someone like me who is not a big schedule person. Easy on the go- easy to remind. It's like having mom with you at all times!!!
    ★★★★★Brilliant app By formula53
    Excellent app for reminding you about things- really great UI - will find this really useful - once opened the shake to record/stop is a stroke of genius
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    ☑ Local push notification, no need to have application running to be reminded, as it works like the calendar reminder.
    ☑ Unlimited time for highly-qualified recording.
    ☑ Send emails to your friends or employees with your voice(Voice reminding).
    ☑ Passcode protection function.
    ☑ Quick add: Users can start or stop the recording by shaking the phone.
    ☑ Repeated schedules settings(Work as birthday reminder)
    ☑ Backup audio file to your PC and Dropbox easily
    ☑ Select any amount of time prior to reminder, so you can prepare.
    ☑ Reminder sounds are customized by you, 30 kinds of ringtone.
    ☑ Mode shift between handset and Hand-free(Speaker), user can adjust the sound volume freely.
    ☑ Snooze function, makes sure no reminder is missed.
    ☑ Swipe to complete reminder ahead of time.
    ☑ Fastest way to set alert, time and date (just talk into phone)

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    Now, we add some alert sound with short tips such as: It's time to meeting; Anniversary is coming, You have an appointment etc let you quick to know your todo even didn't to listen your voice reminder. This can protect your private since you don't want other's known what you really want to do.
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    10-08-2011 10:38 AM
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    Voice Secretary is featured by Apple on Home page for "What's hot" app.
    Now, Voice Secretary goes to top paid 150 on many countries!
    10-09-2011 07:25 AM
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    We have entered top 100 of Paid app, #3 on business category in China App Store.
    Come on !
    10-10-2011 07:16 AM
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    Voice Secretary goes to TOP100 in China AppStore, Wow.. awesome!
    10-10-2011 10:58 AM