1. marquisdepolis's Avatar
    I need something that can work with bulleted headings and can automatically create a table of contents. I have headings and sub-headings which are all bulleted lists which makes it easy to see it in the navigation pane in microsoft word. Is there an app that can help me do this?
    10-07-2011 07:58 PM
  2. korp#IM's Avatar
    Have you tried Apple's version? Pages, Numbers, Keynote.
    10-07-2011 09:47 PM
  3. Brickman's Avatar
    Not exactly sure what you are doing but Document To Go and QuickOffice can do most everything in Word or Excel. IMHO YMMV
    10-07-2011 09:50 PM
  4. thelarster's Avatar
    I've used both Pages, Numbers, Keynote and DocsToGo and haven't found any issues with doing the editing, creating that I do. The Apple versions are a bit more polished in my opinion but Docs2Go offers some other features like Google Docs integration, Dropbox, etc.
    10-08-2011 06:35 AM
  5. Alli's Avatar
    +1 for Docs to Go. Especially if you're actually using MS Word on your computer. I bought Pages, etc. when I bought my Mac and hated it. It's feature-free compared to Word. And since you would have to buy the iOS version separately anyway, I just stuck with Docs 2 Go, which I've been happily using since my Palm OS days.

    I use it for spreadsheets, too, and it pretty much does everything.
    10-08-2011 09:24 AM