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    Want to know who amongst your friends has an iPhone, iPad, iPod or other popular smart phone? iGotuGot does this for you!

    Download the game: App Store - iGotuGot

    How it works?

    iGotuGot creates a list of who has what type of smart phone or other device. It improves the functionality of your phone by enabling you to make the best use of apps that can only be used between Apple devices and other popular smart phone platforms.

    Why do you need it?

    Knowing who amongst your friends has what type of smart device is helpful for using many social networking apps. Send free texts, images and recordings, or recommend your favorite apps, send gifts from the iTunes and App stores or just chatting with international friends for free. Improve your work networks with particular file sharing apps and do all of this across platforms to friends with other devices.


    - Easy to use interface
    - Recently added contacts determination
    - Reminder to update your lists
    - Detailed help
    - Go to IgotUgot to see what apps can be shared

    As more and more apps are being produced for cross platforms iGotuGot will become more helpful to you.
    10-06-2011 10:45 AM