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    Sometimes it's hard to find the right words and even harder to break it down into an SMS.Why not simply telling your iPhone what you want to say and let your phone do the rest?That's what this app does: it converts your spoken words in ready to send SMS.Costumer: daphuon2 Join Date: Nov 2008 write:I ended up using "HY9WWRLWK66Y". And I must say, giving it a quick test drive, it's not perfect, but once I started speaking slower and louder, it seems pretty accurate. But I am doing this alone in my room, where it is pretty quiet. I'm going to give it a more real world environment test drive in the morning and see how it does outside with a little background noise, or while I'm driving. But so far, I am impress! It's like Dragon Dictation, but heres the kicker, I ended up turning on the airplane mode to see if it still works without any internet connection, and it does! Now thats a plus!

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    10-06-2011 04:26 AM