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    iFB Video Player is a new iPhone app for all the Facebook user's. The App is designed in such a way as to facilitate its users to watch all the shared video clips on Facebook. You will be able to see only clips, your friends share or post, from the Home page, with one click. If you’d like to know which videos some of your friends prefer to share, this is a great app for you. In Friends, you choose a friend whose videos you want to see, and it will display all his/her videos. This app also offers you fast access to all your shared or uploaded videos in My Videos, which Facebook itself does not offer. It is in a way your Facebook Playlist of each of your friend, and you can play it whenever you want.

    For more info just visit Webelinx website. (Just google Webelinx)
    10-04-2011 09:57 AM