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    Announcing a brand new app. No rules, no stress just fun.
    Compatible with iOS versions 4.3 and later.

    Pizza Fling is a virtual food fight. Create a pizza and fling it. No Rules. No Stress. Just have fun throwing your food around.

    As an added bonus there's a built in comparison calculator. When you get hungry and want to order a real pizza, use the built in calculator to get the best buy from your favorite pizzeria.

    Fun Things To Do With Pizza Fling:
    - Fling a fully loaded pizza at your friends.
    - Create your own pizzas with your own pictures and fling those at your friends.
    Take a picture of your friend and use it as the background on which to fling your pizzas.
    Create your own sound effects.
    Look up the specials at your favorite pizza place and put the prices and sizes in the Pizza Value Calculator screen to find out which offer gives you the most pizza for the price.

    For more information go to: Extremebytes.com website under Products and click on Pizza Fling or go to the App Store and search for Pizza Fling.
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