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    Saving to PDF called “printing to PDF”. That’s why we called our converter to PDF - PDF PRINTER. It means that with this tool you can save documents to PDF and share them easily right from your iPad (iPhone).

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    September 1 we released update for PDF PRINER for iPad (iPhone) with Dropbox account synchronization inside.

    PDF PRINTER for iPhone App Store - PDF Printer for iPhone
    PDF PRINTER for iPad PDF Printer for iPad for iPad on the iTunes App Store

    PDF PRINTER allows you to convert documents of lots of formats such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Pages, Numbers, Keynote files as well as Photos and Contacts to Adobe PDF format on the iPad (iPhone).

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    Once installed PDF Printer appears in the “Open In…” list for many popular file types. So you can convert attachments from Mail, documents opened with Safari and even official Dropbox and MobileMe iDisk applications. You can also copy documents to PDF Printer via USB cable using iTunes File Sharing.

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    To save Web pages into PDF you can use internal Web-browser. You can open, preview and convert to PDF HTML or any other web page. This allows you to view saved pages later in the same form as they were displayed in your browser, even if you are not able to connect to the Internet by some reason. Moreover, you can save any web page to PDF and then copy it to another device using iTunes, for example to your Mac for detailed analysis. Also you can send saved pages instead of just URLs to be sure that recipient would see them just the same way as you in your browser.

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    Save to PDF and share:
    • Pages, Numbers and Keynote documents
    • Word, Excel and PowerPoint files
    • Photos
    • Pictures and Texts from Clipboard
    • Contacts
    • Web Pages

    With PDF PRINTER you can:
    • Open files from official Dropbox, MobileMe iDisk and other cloud storage applications
    • Transfer documents from desktop computers
    • Copy & Paste notes from the Notes application
    • Open documents from Mail and Safari
    Converted PDF files can be opened in iBooks for best reading experience. Also, you can send PDFs by e-mail, open in other apps and even transfer to computer over USB using iTunes File Sharing.

    We have 5 promo-codes for PDF Printer on iPad and iPhone, please contact for codes.

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    Here you can find promo codes for our products

    Free Redeems
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    Honoring the great Christopher Columbus which discovered Americas, in Columbus Day we are offering you a huge discount on our PDF converting tool - PDF Printer. Discover all abilities of this product for the price of 0.99 USD.

    PDF Printer for iPhone

    PDF Printer for iPad
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    We are happy to announce that the new version of PDF Printer with the support of iOS 5 is already available in the AppStore!
    10-24-2011 06:32 AM
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    We are excited about the release of the new iPad and congratulate all iPad users with this new arrival! As you may already know, the new iPad is coming with the Retina display, which adds even more bright experience and requires that all iPad applications come to the next quality level.

    For the moment, our top PDF converting app (PDF Printer) and wireless printing application (Print Utility) got the new Retina-quality user interface and will be released on the App Store in the nearest time.

    All our iPad applications, which are currently available on the App Store, supposed to run smoothly on new iPad with retina display, so we are not supposing any problems with this display support.

    03-16-2012 07:48 AM
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    Our team has started to work on the GREAT update of Dar-Soft's PDF converting tools: PDF Printer, PDF PROvider and Web To PDF!
    Watch for updates!
    04-23-2012 08:36 AM
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    The new 2.0.0 version of PDF Printer application for both iPhone and iPad is already available on the App Store.

    What's New in Version 2.0.0
    - Improved iOS 6 compatibility
    - Added Messages converting
    - Added merge and split PDFs, reorder pages
    - Improved internal web browser
    - Added printing to AirPrint printers

    Additionally the application is now iOS 6 compatible and the iPhone version of PDF Printer is optimized for iPhone 5!
    09-28-2012 09:28 AM

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