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    Today I proudly presents a very great announcement! The new amazing update 2.0 for Candy Fever were submitted yesterday. Now we just need to wait till Apple aprove it. In order of that great news I release the features list of this amazing update! And now, STAY TUNED!

    Apple Store Link

    It's time again : Halloween! Hurry up, grab your bag and try to catch every single sweet candy that is falling from the sky.
    Challenge your friends with highscore and stats in "Candy Fever".
    Gameplay is easy : Simply tilt your iPhone (left/right) to move the candy bag. Catch the candy, but avoid the bad items.

    Candy Fever 2.0 Features

    ★ Play with your favorite Halloween characters
    Now you can choose between many characters you like to play with. you are able to unlock even more new characters such as monster and mummy !
    Lonely Indie is going to provide you with more new characters in the upcoming game updates. Stay tuned!

    ★ Get yourself into the game!!!!!!!!!!!! Take a picture!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just take a picture of yourself and start collecting sweet candy. (Only available on iDevices with integrated camera)

    ★ The “Bad Candy” learned some nasty new tricks.

    ★ Native iPad support
    Finally enjoy Candy Fever on the big screen of your lovely iPad. This is going to give you a new gaming experience in catching sweet Halloween candy.

    ★ Complete reworked graphics
    Experience a totally new Halloween world.

    ★ New Achievements
    Try to unlock the new achievements to show the world that you are the one and only true candy master!

    ★ New „Special Candy“
    Another new sweet candy you can collect! Collecting this one will help you to unlock all the cool new costumes!

    ★ Combo system
    Don’t let candy fall on the ground. Catch the candy in a row to push you score multiplicator!

    ★ TWITTER integration: post your highscore directly to your Twitter timeline and challenge all of your friends!


    ★ spooky and colorful Halloween theme
    ★ child friendly graphics
    ★ Easy gameplay
    ★ 6 different sorts of candy to catch
    ★ 3 different sorts of bad items to avoid
    ★ a lot of extra items in the background to touch for many extra points
    ★ “Fancy Candy Fever" bonus mode (just touch it to activate it)
    ★ spooky Halloween soundtrack
    ★ RETINA display support
    ★ FACEBOOK integration: post your highscore directly to your Facebook wall and challenge all of your friends!
    ★ Apple GAMECENTER integration (only available for devices with iOS 4.1 and above. Except iPhone 3G)
    ★ Global Highscore
    ★ Achievements: try to get all 21 achievements rewards
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    Grab it know Apple Store Link

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    Do you know someone called "Frankenstein"?

    I'm really sure you will meet him soon Stay tuned!

    10-10-2011 05:34 AM
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    Candy Fever update 2.2 submitted!
    New content for Candy Fever is on its way I hope Apple approve the new update soon.
    10-17-2011 10:02 AM
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    Candy Fever update 2.2 released!

    Amazing new content for all of my loyal Candy Fever fans arrived today.

    - One brand new costume. Meet Dracula!
    - You want to know how many days are left till Halloween? Candy Fever will tell you now
    - One new Achievement
    - Little easter egg inside. It has something todo with the 31. October

    Get it now -> App Store - Candy Fever Pro - Halloween Game
    10-21-2011 05:53 PM

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