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    Buzzle is a scientifically designed game that engages your child in a series of 10 shape matching puzzles that are based on captivating themes. The brilliant explosion of colors, vivid sounds, and striking images encourage kids to be curious about remarkable details in conventional surroundings.

    Each puzzle encompasses a variety of learning features.
    -the game-play will refine their motor skills and hand-eye coordination
    -the audio cues will improve their sound association abilities
    -the vivid puzzle scenes will broaden their imagination

    Download Buzzle today and add a dash of fun to your childs daily learning!


    * Ranked in Top 100 Kids Games in the US and in the Top 5 in many countries!
    * Featured by US Apple store in Kids Games - Whats Hot and New
    * Featured as New and Noteworthy in many countries!
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    Quoted by AppBuddy.com: "This application has justified the fact that iOS devices are not merely built for pleasure or entertainment purposes; they have also become a medium in effectively educating children. The app is useful in developing childrens motor skills, as well as their ability to grasp simple instructions, implement solutions and improves their mastery. "

    ***** Given a 5 Star rating by LunchBoxReviews.com - "I find this kids app entertaining and educational for younger kids. I rarely see puzzles turned into apps, and Im glad that Curious Fingers thought of doing it. The whole family can enjoy a fun puzzle activity, and parents can certainly use more puzzle apps. "

    "Sold! This app brings a new level of learning to just ordinary puzzles with sound association" By Aapps4Moms.net

    "Developing kids shape recognition, pattern matching, and hand-eye coordination skills makes this app a fun, entertaining, and still educational app for the kids." By IHeartThisApp.com
    09-29-2011 09:49 AM