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    Interactive messaging like you've never seen it before: Contact dozens, or even hundreds of people simultaneously by blasting out emails, texts, and phone calls to everyone on your list. PhoneTree Messenger will track who has and who hasn’t received your message, and even allow you to send interactive surveys to the people on your list.

    Download here: App Store - PhoneTree Messenger

    ---[ Sample Use Cases ]---
    * Quickly communicate strategic or emergency information to employees.
    * Send out an RSVP request to hundreds of people for an upcoming event. Know exactly who's coming.
    * Notify everyone at the last minute that the event location has changed.
    * Remind the soccer team about a change to the upcoming practice. Know exactly who got the message and when.
    * Poll a group of contacts and watch in real time as they respond. Detailed reports show the results.

    ---[ Key Features ]---
    * Choose how you want your message delivered (voice, text, email, or all of the above).
    * Three ways to communicate: Simple Broadcasting, Confirmed Delivery and Survey
    * Record or type the message you want to deliver.
    * Mass-import large numbers of contacts via an online Excel template.
    * Import or enter the contact information of the people you need to communicate with.
    * Organize your contacts into groups (Soccer Moms, Church Group, Party Attendees, etc.)
    * Create a message template for your message.
    * Receive alerts as people confirm they received the message and see a real-time report of who has confirmed and who hasn't.

    iTunes link: App Store - PhoneTree Messenger
    09-29-2011 06:42 AM

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