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    Pocket Whois is a simple app that makes it easy to identify whois information under any registered domain. It also makes the process of determining if a domain name is available quick and painless.

    I've been playing around with Pocket Whois for a website I've been thinking about setting up and it's been a really useful tool for me. If you're looking to start a website and want to make sure the domain is available under your desired domain name, just whip out Pocket Whois and within seconds you'll have all the information at your fingertips!

    Pocket Whois is a simple, intuitive way to search for domain name availability and whois data. The unique interface shows you all the domain information you need in a way that's clear and easy to understand. You can bookmark domain names for later, send search results by email, and open domains in Safari to see how they're being used. With clear results and complete whois data, Pocket Whois is the best of both worlds.
    • Search in seconds using wifi or your mobile network
    • See domain availability instantly
    • See expiry dates for registered domains
    • One tap to see complete whois data (owner, registrar, DNS, technical contacts, etc)
    • Send search results by email
    • Open domains in Safari
    • Add and edit bookmarks to remember cool domains

    Pocket Whois is available for the iPhone and iPod touch for $1.99

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    09-27-2011 05:43 PM