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    You haven't seen an app this Naughty! Play this prank on your friend, family or enemy.. and you will be the talk of the town.. (Requires an iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4th generation or iPad 2 as Front Camera is essential).

    Here's how it works - Tell your friend that he / she is looking great today and you'll take a pic for them to see. Coolly select the effect you want to place on your unsuspecting target's face - like the text LOSER that you place on his forehead - and click. And now the kicker - while your friend looks at his oh-so-uncool photo, this app automatically captures his reactions and adds to the fun.

    Imagine your friend's reaction when he sees his photo with LOSER inscribed on his forehead There are other effects available as an upgrade - like a Black Eye, or Snot dribbling down the nose, a Love Bite you can place on someone's neck, a Pimple that is sure to irritate any girl and a Clown Nose that will put a smile on any kid

    Whatever their reaction, Naughty Cam captures it all for eternity using your device's front camera! That's what makes Naughty Cam the coolest prank app out there.

    Of course, you decide when the front camera activates, how many photos it takes, etc. You control just about everything!

    Once the damage is done, scroll through all the photos, save or email them, or share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, right from within the app. That's the icing on the cake… Imagine the power this app gives you

    Have fun with Naughty Cam - the naughtiest prank app ever!
    09-27-2011 03:16 AM