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    Puzzle Love is finally out after 4 long months of waiting, and to celebrate:

    You can WIN one of two iPad 2s - by just Tweeting about it! Go to getpuzzlelove [dot] com and click the tweet button. The first one is drawn in just over a week so get in quick!

    If you don't know, Puzzle Love is a free (as in beer) puzzle platform, allowing you to play a whole range of puzzles:

    • Sudoku
    • Target
    • 5x5
    • Wordbuilder

    Free & premium puzzle packs are available:

    • FREE packs are made available every Saturday with a few puzzles
    • PREMIUM packs will be available for purchase very soon
    • BONUS packs are given to you for things like "sharing the love" from within the app

    There's a whole website with screenshots and videos located at getpuzzlelove [dot] com.

    Much love,
    Naked Apps
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