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    Advanced Mobile Radar

    Locating places or points of interest is never been so easy with Advanced Mobile Radar. You’ll have the ability to locate every point in the world by setting satellite coordinates, latitude and longitude.

    You can create maps and insert coordinates of the places you visit during a trip, simply by touching the button “set my actual position” that will insert automatically the coordinates of your position.

    With advanced algorithms and the use of the gps and the digital compass you’ll always know the shortest distance and the direction to take, to easily arrive to your desired destination, being able to choose any path you want, without losing your orientation.

    Advanced Mobile Radar is extremely useful in desolated places without roads or trails like woods, forests, deserts, seas or hills where a common gps app can’t help you.
    Try to imagine that you’re lost in a forest while you’re in a hunting session or while you’re playing an airsoft match, with Advanced Mobile Radar you could easily regain your orientation and return to one of the points stored in the app.

    You can also share the coordinates of your position on facebook and let your friends know your latitude and longitude.
    09-24-2011 05:32 AM