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    You are the captain of a fishing boat on an 11 day trip. As an experienced fisherman you can't help but take advantage of the fish the clumsy seagulls keep dropping, it also helps the sharks from getting too hungry! But don't forget to jump as the sharks leap out of the water after your fish. Along the journey you will have the chance to catch other helpful things, such as air horns (to scare the gulls into dropping more fish), shark repellent (for 20 seconds of shark protection) and the much prized flying fish (100 points).

    Jump The Shark! is a simple yet addictive game for the iPhone and iPod. As you work your way to completing the full 11 day trip, you can compete with other 'High Jumpers' in the Game Center community to try to achieve the highest score. There are save areas every '2 days' to help you along your way, but be warned the trip gets more difficult as you begin to meet the various animals of the sea such as barracuda, killer whales, a giant squid and the king of the sea a massive great white shark. With intermittent rainstorms, fog banks and the climax of the final day, as gale force winds and a feeding frenzy takes place, makes this a very tricky trip indeed!

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    09-23-2011 05:13 AM