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    PayCal - Keep Your Cheque in Check
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    I'm very excited about this project.

    This is my first project which I conceptualized entirely by myself and I've taken almost a year designing and preparing it. Thanks to my awesome development partner, it's cutting very close to release time.

    What is PayCal?

    PayCal is a calendar interface which allows you to easily keep a 'tray' of shifts you commonly work, allowing you to plan out your whole month in just a few taps. PayCal also has a unique jobs system, which allows you to create as many jobs as you like, each with its own unique pay rate, pay days, colours, what have you.

    However, PayCal is not only great for part-timers and shift workers. Because of its unique jobs functionality, which can also be used for multiple projects, PayCal is also great for freelancers! For example, a freelancer can set different hourly rates for each project (or per-shift rates for bloggers and the like), colour-code shifts from each project, and easily adjust hours spent on each project in daily view.

    PayCal will be available in early October for the launch sale price of only $0.99 cents (regular price $1.99).

    PayCal - Keep Your Cheque in Check
    Visit our site and give us a 'Like' on Facebook!
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    Congratulations! Looks like your work will be paying off.
    09-22-2011 05:13 AM
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    Thanks Alli!

    I hope it'll be visible enough.. Trying to get it featured on Gizmodo lol
    09-23-2011 06:02 AM
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    *Bumpity, bump bump!*

    Update! Coming out veeeery soon! Looks like it'll be out within 2 weeks!
    09-27-2011 01:00 AM
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    Not to over-bump, but we just launched our official website and Facebook page!!
    09-27-2011 07:38 PM