1. davidsacrofa's Avatar
    The game is bloody.
    Compared with Finger Slayer, has better graphic.
    The last scene in 1 Player Mode is locked. You can only enter 2 Players Mode for 5 times. Also you can spend $0.99 to unlock all scenes.

    Choose 1 Player Mode, select scene. You can earn coins from gambling and use coin to unlock scenes. Everyday the system will give you some coins, also you can purchase some.
    The payoff is higher when youíre in a scene which spend lot coin to unlock, and when the game is becoming harder.

    Itís a simple game that you even donít need a instruction. Every time you succeed escaping, it becomes harder and the electric saw gets lower and moves faster. Itís not easy to pass more than 7 times. Being cut or early in escaping make you lose the game. And it will go back to initial level. Thereíre different things leading you choose a wrong time to escape.

    What comes to a highlight is multi-play (2 Players Mode). One control the saw and misleading, the other try to escape. A creative interesting mode that you should have a try if youíve a friend aside.
    09-21-2011 07:16 AM