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    Recently I saw the new version of Castle Attack, Castle attack ľUltimate HD+,I have played for two days and I have some experiences to share with you.

    When I first run this game I received 10 diamonds in the message.Amazing!Maybe I will get more diamonds next time.

    Castle attack ľUltimate HD+ added "Hi-cook"and" Defender",but they need to unlock by diamonds.There are some diamond bonus in the game,so it is easier to unlock the new weapons.

    New weapons are different from Plants vs. Zombies',we can directly use them instead of upgrading basic weapons. I think it is better than Plants vs. Zombies coz I don't have to waste my bread.Then,
    " Defender"is stronger than the other soldiers ,it can attack and defense at the same time.It has good vitality and it can fight with weapon car many times. "Hi-cook"="Twin-sunflower",it can produce 2 bread at the same time.But if you take the "Hi-cook"at the beginning you may not have enough bread to set them up,so you must think it over before you do.My suggestion is you can put "Hi-cook" in the survival mode & nightmare mode becoz these levels are long-lasting ,"Hi-cook"can produce more bread.

    There are new enemies in the new version.but I don't think that they have changed something.I think that it is a little bit easier than before,I can pass some levels I have never passed.Still and all,its harder than the others. and I found that I can get 50 sun in Plants vs. Zombies but I can only get 25 bread and 25 magic.If you can not use magics properly,you cant pass the level.Obviously,PVZ is better than Castle Attack in balance.

    Now we dont need to pay the props,just need some diamonds.We can get diamonds by gift or other ways,so if you wanna try the new weapons,pls earn the diamonds.

    Nothing different from music and scene,I hope it can has more scenes in the future.

    All in all,can not complain,I thought Castle attack ľUltimate HD+ was a lite version,but it was a full version.They wanted to show that they were sincere.But it is still difficult,it can not make the players continue the game,this is the fatal flaw.I hope the developer can make more resources in this game.
    09-20-2011 02:42 AM