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    Create your own personalized shortcut icons on your Home screen to quickly launch your favorite things.

    Stop wasting your time hunting for your favorite thing. aHomeIcon gives you your favorites - your way.

    We haven't seen any other App that can make as many types of icons.

    === WHY USE ===
    ❤ Love: You need to hear you know who's voice again
    ❤ Safety: You're in trouble again. Quickly call the police or your bail money.
    ❤ Work: Once again, call work to let them know you're sick - so you can go to the beach
    ❤ Entertainment: Quickly launch some mood music or your favorite work out music
    ❤ Groups: Let your mates know where the party's at
    ❤ Social: Quickly tweet a message for breaking news

    === Launch ===
    ✔ Phone
    ✔ Facetime
    ✔ Skype*
    ✔ Twitter*
    ✔ SMS
    ✔ Email
    ✔ Photo
    ✔ iPod Library Songs
    ✔ Audio recording
    ✔ Any url your device can recognise -> url for a website or native app

    ie To open the Albums screen in the Facebook App, enter in the url field: fb://albums
    More urls can be found at handleopenurl.com.

    === MORE ===
    ✔ Launch all your favorites from one place
    ✔ Groups: Create contact groups or song playlists

    === PRIVACY ===
    - Safe: All your private info stays within the App. Only the title and image are sent to our servers and then deleted.

    === NOTES ===
    * Requires Skype and/or Twitter App
    - Internet connection: Only required the first time you create an icon on device

    We have a release in review status. You can add a bookmarklet to your Safari browser to add a Home screen icon.

    It's a great price too ... FREE!!

    To Download: Search for aHomeIcon in the App Store

    09-19-2011 04:05 PM