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    Dog Breeds - Most popular dogs of the world is the unique App for fans of dogs.
    This App was created by Polish Scientific Publishers PWN & RosMedia

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    iPhone & iPad App

    Dog Breeds - Most popular dogs of the world is a selection of over 50 most popular dog breeds included in 10 FCI groups - The Fédération Cynologique Internationale. Synthetic cards comprising of the most significant information on typical representatives of these breeds supplement Illustrations and detailed descriptions of the dogs.

    The application allows searching the dogs according to their names and viewing them in several convenient modes:

    * Full Alphabetical List of Dog Breeds Mode

    This is a standard list, which includes thumbnails and names of dog pedigrees in alphabetical order. This mode allows searching according to names of dog breeds.

    * Graphical Band Mode

    This is a sequence of thumbnail cards with the dogs in alphabetical order; "More" button on a card of a selected pedigree allows switching to the Single Dog Viewing Mode.

    * Single Dog "Card" Viewing Mode

    The mode allows viewing its name, thumbnail and card with basic information on a dog breed, as well as an enlarged picture of a dog with a detailed breed description.

    * Dog Breeds Group Mode

    The presented breeds are divided into 10 FCI Groups. This mode features a watchword describing a specific group and a list of dog breeds belonging to such group. Selection of one position from the list allows switching to the Single Dog Viewing Mode.

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