1. jmenez's Avatar
    Moody Ball has an easyplay and very addictive game.Give power to ball and try to reach goal.Added two power bar/rotation so it makes gameplay very easy to players..
    In some level we are giving unlimited lives.

    Make your best strategy

    * We have 6 boxes and they have different features to bounce ball.

    * Try to reach the star to go next level

    * Practice scene

    * 40+ Easy to Harder Levels

    * Surprises during game

    * You can play this game for days and days
    Touch to screen to give power to ball and give arrow a direction where you want to send the ball
    Becareful you have 3 lives.

    It is not easy to complete this game

    We are coming with new addictive games soon.....
    09-17-2011 05:47 AM