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    The Fairy Tale is fun to personally make the story and read.
    Encourages the imagination, creativity, and emotions.
    The movements of the characters after being touched also add the liveliness and interests.

    The Fairy Tale leads you to the directly made and shared world of childrens stories from the only read stories. You can make the stories with your families, lovers, and friends and also gift the made stories to someone you care for.
    Treasure your beautiful memories by making them into a story. Your memories become more special.

    You can purchase the illustration books of famous stories to newly change them and make new stories.
    Place the beautiful illustrations of professional illustrator in your stories.

    == KEY FEATURES ==
    The story production tool can be used to make a personal story.
    The characters and objects will respond to the touch to make noise and move.
    The illustrations within the story can be moved, expanded, reduced or rotated with touch.
    You can record your voice into the childrens stories.
    The text box can be used to insert stories in the story.
    The created story can be displayed in a personal bookshelf for a future view.
    The story can be shared via internet and iTunes.
    09-17-2011 03:18 AM