1. sam00's Avatar
    Hi all

    I am looking for an app that auto completes a word(s) for you when you type an abbreviation. For example if i type "mt" it will type "Many Thanks" automatically. Any ideas?
    09-15-2011 08:55 PM
  2. Incpt.Mobis's Avatar
    Do you mean gesture or just replace the text ?
    09-17-2011 04:14 AM
  3. sam00's Avatar
    Just replace the text
    09-17-2011 07:56 AM
  4. Massie's Avatar
    I don't think Apple allows it in their own apps, but TextExpander is doing it with some third party apps: TextExpander touch for the iPhone: Typing Shortcut Utility Saves You Time!

    The catch is the developers of each app need to include TE's code for it to work, and not every app does that.

    If you jailbreak there may be an easier solution.
    09-17-2011 08:35 AM