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    Animated Knots 3D -- Free Until Noon Tomorrow!

    Animated Knots 3D is free today as a promotional offer. This 3D Knot app gives a wealth of information on each knot: Usage, Structure, Strength and History. Interactive features include Draw (pause/play), Flip, Zoom and Rotate for each 3D Knot. And the best feature? -- It is FREE! Get it before noon tomorrow!

    Animated Knots 3D

    App Store - Animated Knots 3D

    Knot Quiz
    Our Knot Quiz app continues to be free but don't delay to check it out!
    App Store - Knot Quiz

    Nynix Development
    Nynix - Animated Knots 3D and Knot Quiz
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    A couple of updates:

    Animated Knots 3D went all the way to #9 last week in the US Reference (Free) category with nearly 5000 downloads! After the free giveaway, we only raised the price to .99 cents (50% off the original 1.99) and we are now the #1 Paid Reference app in the Netherlands, Belgium and Portugal and #2 in France for a couple of days. Thank you Europe! We will keep the price at .99 through the end of this week so get it at a discount while you can!

    App Store - Animated Knots 3D

    Also, Knot Quiz game app has been updated and submitted to Apple and is waiting for approval. It should appear in the iTunes Store early next week.

    Thanks to everyone who has taken time to check out our apps!


    Nynix Development
    Nynix - Animated Knots 3D and Knot Quiz
    09-19-2011 03:10 PM