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    so i wrote an app for my son who just turned 8 and is going to be learning multiplication this year. the app is called Multipli and its a universal app (App Store - Multipli). its a very easy to use app and i just released version 2.0!

    Version 2.0 now has 2 separate tabs, practice and quiz. practice works like an index card (even has the index card as a background). you select a # at the top, swipe left to reveal the answer. Quiz lets you put the answer in yourself and it tells you if you are right or wrong.

    Please download the app and try it out. remember to leave a rating, i only have 7 so far and its been out since may. feel free to reply here with any comments or feedback on the app. Thanks!

    - Jon
    09-14-2011 11:59 AM