1. buzze's Avatar
    We just released the new version of BuzzE on the App Store today. BuzzE is a proximity based social networking app that lets users meet and make friends with other users nearby and find interesting social events in their area

    We are offering free downloads and you can give it a spin from the App Store at the link below


    The old BuzzE was loaded with cool features including local chat, icebreaker games, virtual gift exchange and listings for hundreds of thousands of social events across the United States

    The new BuzzE adds

    Picture exchange
    Video clip exchange
    Audio exchange
    In chat audiocons (emoticons with fun sounds attached)

    We are really excited about the new features embedded within chat and think BuzzE is the coolest and most feature rich social networking app out there. Yes we are a bit biased but hope you will give it a spin and see for yourself.
    09-12-2011 01:59 PM
  2. hobbnobb's Avatar
    Very nice app! Have you thought about focusing the app on networking events or conferences?
    03-03-2012 03:11 PM