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    Get up and running.

    Drill Timer Pro is a fast launching timer app. Run any kind of drills easily and quickly! Drill Timer Pro is designed to minimize set up and configuration, getting you straight to the drill in as little as two taps. That includes one tap to launch the app!

    Features include:

    - Quick launch and run
    - Three presets for your most needed drill times
    - Large over-sized buttons for easy access
    - Start, Tick, and Stop sounds
    - Sounds are specifically designed to cut through clearly in a noisy environment
    - Large over-sized countdown font for at-a-glance reading
    - Pause, Resume, and Cancel
    - Swipe Down to Pause
    - Brightly colored Start and Stop indicators
    - Configurable timer animations and sound features
    - Ad free version!

    Drill Timer Pro is perfect for speed interval training in any sport. Perfect for football, baseball, martial arts, boxing, soccer, basketball, track and field, and many more! Give it a try today!

    What's New in this Version:

    Fantastic free update!

    - Pause, Resume, and Cancel

    Now while any timer is running, simply swipe down to pause the timer. Why a swipe gesture instead of a tap? Glad you asked! A swipe is much less likely to happen by accident than a tap. Nobody wants to keep a drill going indefinitely because of an accidental tap, do they? We found the swipe down to be the most natural gesture to pause the app.

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    09-11-2011 01:16 PM