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    Here's the SupaKiwi Full Version 1.1 you can download from AppStore:

    App Store - SupaKiwi Full Version

    SupaKiwi is scared, but it is also fast, resilient and ready to beat the Possum in the race for survival. It doesnt have any super powers yet, but has the stamina to outrun the Possum and win the race. Along the way, SupaKiwi encounters numerous obstacles that are sure to slow it down. Whether its the canyons, hills, pools of steam water or mud, SupaKiwi has the ability to overcome them whilst enjoying tasteful snacks such as seeds, prawns and energy drinks that satisfy its hunger and keep it strong and fast. In the end, the warm welcoming home will await SupaKiwi and the distant dream of acquiring super powers may even become a reality.
    09-07-2011 03:31 AM

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