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    Like playing cards? Enjoy travelling to exotic destinations? Always having to save you girlfriend from villainous gangsters?

    Then, boy, do we have an app for you!

    Gangster Snap takes you on a journey spanning three continents and puts you face to face with the most heinous Snap competitors of all time. You'll need to defeat William Talbert from London and Long Ann from Beijing just to save the woman you love.

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    But just in case that's not enough, Gangster Snap features the world's first 'Shake to Snap' mechanic to bring you closer to the action. It's the only Snap game that allows you to react furiously without your finger shattering the screen.

    What, you still need more? Then how about two additional Snap modes to challenge you further? Win instantly with a pair of matching cards bearing the same number and colour in Extreme OR crush your friends' pathetic high scores in Infinite.

    At only $0.99, it's the card game you've been waiting for.

    Gangster Snap. Now available in almost every continent.

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    09-04-2011 10:49 PM