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    TravAlarm App Description

    TravAlarm App provides commuters with an intuitive alarm system that is
    linked to four major metropolitan transit authorities in the United
    States. It operates with all of the usual functions of a smart phone
    alarm clock, including an aesthetically pleasing display. However, its
    functionality goes far beyond a simple alarm clock. The App is equipped
    to receive live Subway, Rail, Bus and Bridge traffic information from
    local transit authorities of four metropolitan areas. That information
    is used to alert commuters to a delay on their usual transportation line
    and wake them up at an earlier preset time to avoid the hassle of
    running behind. That early wake time allows users to decide if theyíd
    like to opt for a different route or transportation method, or to just
    leave early to make up for the delay.

    free app offers intuitive built-in features which allow commuters to
    personalize their routes and alarm preferences. Users of TravAlarm can
    set up to 3 different transit routes to monitor for delays. When a delay
    occurs on one those 3 routes, the alarm will wake the commuter up at
    the predetermined earlier time with a voice message describing the delay
    and its location. It will then proceed to play music until turned off
    or snoozed. The music is selected from either the userís personal
    playlist or from the built-in alarm offerings, plus the snooze time
    length is fully customizable.

    The TravAlarm App is currently available for the following four metropolitan areas:

    TravAlarm NYC - Gets updates from Metropolitan Transport Authority of New York City

    TravAlarm Chicago - Gets updates from Chicago Transport Authority of Chicago

    TravAlarm Boston - Gets updates from Massachusetts Bay Transport Authority of Boston

    TravAlarm DC - Gets updates from Washington Transport Authority of Washington DC
    09-03-2011 07:45 AM