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    Our newest game, Jigsaw Party, is just around the corner. We'll make a full announcement in due course, but to give you a taster, it's a traditional jigsaw puzzle game, polished to our usual high standards, and including a few unique features:

    - There's a large online library of puzzles using all sorts of pictures, so you'll never get bored of playing the same puzzle over and over again!
    - You can create your own puzzles and add them to the library!
    - You can play online against a friend, in realtime, both trying to complete the same puzzle at the same time!

    The online play is pretty amazing - even if I say so myself! I don't think anyone has done this before, and it's certainly the first competitive jigsaw puzzle for iOS. It's great fun!

    Here's a preview screenshot. This is from a two-player game and the coloured corners indicate who played each piece.

    Attachment 10107

    Of course there's a solo mode too, and you can play offline without any network connection required.

    We've already got lots of great photos lined up ready for launch, but we thought it would be fun to see what our users could do as well.

    So, post your pictures here for consideration or PM me a link and we'll put a selection of the best ones into the game before it goes live.

    After playing each game, users have the opportunity to rate the puzzle picture one to five stars. The winner will be the puzzle that has the highest user rating one week after the game has been released.

    We'll post updates (and the actual closing date/time) here, once it's been approved and is available in the App Store.

    - Photos must be landscape orientation, and at least 960x640 pixels (we will need to crop and scale to this size)
    - You must be the photographer, or have the express permission of the photographer.
    - Leave your real name if you want it displayed as a credit in the game.
    - Give us a title for the photo, or we'll make one up You can add a short comment too if you like.
    - Photos cannot contain recognisable faces, or be primarily of a trademark or logo
    - By posting your photo, you are giving Lightwood Games permission to reproduce it in our games and for publicity (e.g. screenshots of Jigsaw Party).
    - Closing date for submissions is midnight UK time on Friday 9th September.

    Have fun!

    Lightwood Games
    09-02-2011 07:37 AM