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    Hi Everyone,

    We've released a new Tumblr photo client for the iPad called TumbleOn. With TumbleOn, users can view thousands of photos and find inspiring entertainment in minutes. Great content is easily shared with friends and family via email or by resharing content to your own Tumblr account.

    If you're unfamiliar with Tumblr, it's a popular social blogging service that encourages users to find and share great content with each other. The Tumblr platform powers several popular photo blogs such as The Animal Blog and imgfave. Tumblr is addictive, it's easy to lose yourself among the thousands of adorable/amazing/funny photos, and TumbleOn makes finding those great photos easier than ever before.

    TumbleOn makes viewing and sharing media from Tumblr photo blogs easy and fun. Photos are presented to the user in a streaming never-ending view that can be scrolled left and right with the swipe of a finger. Interesting photos can be viewed larger by tapping on them, and they can be easily shared on your own Tumblr account or via e-mail by simply tapping a button.

    Other iPad Tumblr apps only show users photos from their "Dashboard" (a home screen for tumblr accounts which shows up to 300 photos from the user's friends). With TumbleOn, a user can browse their 300-photo dashboard in a matter of minutes, and they can browse thousands more photos by browsing their favorite blogs as well.

    TumbleOn features a "Bookmarks" system that's similar to a web browser's bookmarking feature. The user can easily type in the name of their favorite Tumblr photo blog and add a bookmark with a few taps.

    An "Explore" mode shows the user the first 4 or 5 photos from the various photo blogs they've put into TumbleOn. This makes it easy to choose the next photo blog to view, and hard to tear yourself away.

    More info about the product can be viewed on our website. Just google "TumbleOn app", you'll find us

    A Bit About Us:

    TumbleOn is made by Pocket Sized Giraffe, LLC. Pocket Sized Giraffe is a team of 2 developers and a designer based in Austin, Texas. TumbleOn and Pocket Sized Giraffe are not affiliated with Tumblr (the company, or the amazing service).

    We hope you like TumbleOn!
    08-31-2011 07:51 PM

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